What We Did Over The Weekend

Besides watching the 49ers lose the super bowl icon sad What We Did Over The Weekend John, the kids and I tackled a big project this weekend.   Dealing with a camellia bush was a task I have been putting off for a while but wanted to get done before the spring.  This gigantic tree is one of four that have massively grown up around the house.  This one in particular was blocking light and damaging the paint and shingles on the front of our house.

Screen shot 2013 02 05 at 9.30.47 PM 235x300 What We Did Over The Weekend

It was also spaced far enough out from the house that it was taking up some valuable real estate.  We don’t have a huge yard and we want to make every bit of it usable that we can.  So last fall I had the camellia “pruned”:

Screen shot 2013 02 05 at 9.26.36 PM 300x196 What We Did Over The WeekendI know, it’s pathetic–poor camellia.  But it really opened up our yard so much and made our living room so much brighter.   I knew after a few months we had to get it taken out.  So about a week ago we did:

Screen shot 2013 02 05 at 9.22.49 PM 300x220 What We Did Over The Weekend

Screen shot 2013 02 05 at 9.23.03 PM 300x222 What We Did Over The Weekend


Screen shot 2013 02 05 at 9.23.12 PM 300x224 What We Did Over The Weekend

Which left us with a 12 x 12 patch of dirt.  But oh the possibilities!

(By the way, looking at these pictures I think of all of us bloggers who were over the moon about our hydrangeas 5 months ago and look at them now!  They look like a garden Morticia would have from the Addams Family.  Just a bunch of brown sticks.  I knew it would look like this for the winter but seeing the contrast in the pictures above makes me realize how dramatic the change is).

But I digress.  We had a bunch of large (24×24) pavers and gravel that we pulled up when we added the lawn on this side of the house so we decided to use some of them for a patio eating area here.  John got back to work laying them and making them perfect just like he did on the brick path.

Screen shot 2013 02 05 at 9.23.23 PM 300x224 What We Did Over The Weekend

Screen shot 2013 02 05 at 9.23.50 PM 300x221 What We Did Over The Weekend

Then we assembled this arbor and anchored to the ground with concrete.  Added some sod and mulch, a climbing rose and here we are:

arbor after 1 edt 1024x682 What We Did Over The Weekend

The arbor is redwood so it will fade to gray like the fence has.  Plus we planted a climbing rose next to it which I hope will grow quickly.

arbor after 4 edt 1024x682 What We Did Over The Weekend

arbor after 3 edt 1024x682 What We Did Over The Weekend

Below you can see the lavender border I planted too.  I’m hoping it will get enough sun there to do OK.  Not sure once that big tree gets all its leaves again.

arbor after 2 edt 1024x682 What We Did Over The Weekend

I’ll be sure to do some real afters when everything is blooming in the spring and we get those raised planters full of summer veggies again.  This really is our urban oasis so I plan to work hard to get it looking good.

By the way, has anyone grown Japanese Boxwood before?  We have this low hedge that I planted last year and I know they are slow growers, but how slow?  Will they get noticeably taller in the next couple of years?  Hoping to have a few feet before too terribly long…

Are you doing anything to prepare your garden for spring?

PS-I realized this weekend watching the Super Bowl that my 7 year old thought that Baltimore was Boldemort–like Voldemort.  I guess he thought they were true evil. icon smile What We Did Over The Weekend

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6 Responses to What We Did Over The Weekend

  1. Lisa February 6, 2013 at 6:31 am #

    I can’t get over that you can do yard projects in February! I need to live in CA!
    The space looks SO pretty, Lane, and sure to get tons of use all year long. The arbor is beautiful!!

  2. Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door February 6, 2013 at 9:26 am #

    I have Japanese Boxwood in our front yard. We planted them the first spring we lived here, 7 years ago, and those suckers barely look any bigger. They are pretty, but SLOW is right. :) Love your lavender border! I want to attempt one of those as well. Which type of lavender did you use?

    • Lane McNab February 6, 2013 at 11:49 am #

      That’s what I was afraid of! I am going to feed them like crazy this spring and see if that helps. I got French Lavender Anouk because I like the silvery contrast with the rest of the green in the yard. I think they may need more sun than they will get under that tree though…

  3. Holly February 9, 2013 at 5:08 am #

    You guys were hard at work – it really looks nice. I like the addition of the arbor. The hydrangeas do really look beautiful when they’re in bloom and what a difference when they are not. I love when spring rolls around seeing all of the plants and flowers come into bloom. Hopefully in a few months we’ll have some spring weather and blossoms.

  4. The Vintique Object February 14, 2013 at 9:31 pm #

    The arbor looks AMAZING. And a climbing rose?!! Get out!

    This really is your urban oasis. I can hardly wait to see it in full bloom. Those befores and afters will be dramatic.

    • Lane McNab February 19, 2013 at 11:33 am #

      Thanks Camille. I hope it will be in bloom for our March dinner date!

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