So as part of my resolution to share more on the blog (you didn’t know I made that resolution because I didn’t share it!  Dammit!) I’m about to detail (confess?) a weird obsessive phase I routinely go through.  I’ll call it my Ebay Spiral…

Several years ago I became obsessed with finding oriental rugs on ebay.  This was way before I started a blog–this was like 2007.  I didn’t actually buy any, I just spent hours each night searching ebay for perfectly imperfect vintage oriental rugs.  I had dozens lined up in my watch list and eventually I did buy one or two small ones (which I later sold–buyer’s remorse?) but mostly just wasted a lot of time looking at oriental rugs.  One could argue that I was researching (for what, I’m not sure) or adding to my designer knowledge and education but really I don’t know what I was doing.  I did learn some of the lingo and can recognize a caucasian vs a kilim vs a persian, etc and I learned a little about wool quality, but really I was just obsessing.  That lasted about 8 months and then I dropped it like a hot potato.

Next I got really obsessed with finding charcoal sketches, mostly of female nudes, on ebay.  That was actually a bit productive as I acquired one of my favorite art pieces in our house (the one in our master bath) from 1929:

Screen shot 2013 01 25 at 3.58.07 PM Obsessed

After that I continued with my art phase and searched for watercolor portraits and then oil paintings of abstract horses (I know, weirdly specific–I never found what I was looking for with that one.  If I don’t find exactly what I’m looking for I don’t buy anything which may be a good thing but also means I have lost hours of time with nothing to show for it!).  Then it was abstract or primitive sculptures of horses (another bust) and that brings me to my latest obsession.

For almost a year now I have been stalking brass animal sculptures on ebay.  I think it started with the awesome parrot I got for my client’s apartment last year:

Screen shot 2013 01 25 at 4.05.43 PM Obsessed

I have yet to buy one on ebay (although I bought one at the flea market last month) but I really covet them!  Again, it is weirdly specific: They can’t be too literal (usually–although sometimes this is a plus).  They have to be vintage–mid century is usually the best although the 1970′s provided some awesome examples.  Not mounted on anything (usually, although I have seen some cool lucite bases with some).  And they have to be animals.

I was just doing one of my ebay searches and I came up with some awesome ones:

Screen shot 2013 01 25 at 3.26.50 PM Obsessed


OK, this owl is super literal and super adorable.  I want him for my living room!

Screen shot 2013 01 25 at 3.38.30 PM Obsessed


I love this sweet little fawn.  How cute for a little girl’s room!

Screen shot 2013 01 25 at 3.24.38 PM Obsessed


I know, this is really literal too but it’s not over the top.  I’m thinking of the ones you see of horses stampeding or dolphins leaping.  If you want dolphins, there are a ton of those by the way.  Brass dolphins must have been huge at some point.  There are also a LOT of phalluses.  I’m not kidding–brass phalluses.

Screen shot 2013 01 25 at 3.28.24 PM Obsessed


There are also a lot of really dramatic brass bulls.  I think they were a big thing for Gordon Gecko types in the 80s (representing the stock market and all).  But I like this little guy because he’s actually a bison and he’s kind of folk art looking.

Screen shot 2013 01 25 at 3.30.16 PM Obsessed


And I’m totally in love with this ginormous camel!    I love him!  I love that he loves champagne too.

Screen shot 2013 01 25 at 3.34.44 PM Obsessed


At first I did not know what this was which made me like it even more.  A cute little funny weird elephant.  I also have a thing for elephants…


Screen shot 2013 01 25 at 3.39.53 PM Obsessed


Combining two things I love: brass and animal skulls!  It’s a win/win.  This could work in somebody’s house…I just have to buy this, meet them and then give it to them…

Screen shot 2013 01 25 at 3.35.57 PM Obsessed


I know, it’s very literal and life-like–but it’s a penguin!  And it’s huge!  I did not know penguins had such crazy claws.  Don’t they just have webbing?  That looks like a dragon’s feet…

As I mentioned, I bought one of these brass beauties at the Alameda Antiques Faire last month.  I gave it to John for his office because he really wanted the one I gave to my client (which really is the best one I’ve seen so far) and this is to kind of make up for that.  I’ve actually moved it to the living room and I do like him here:

Johns brass bird wtrmrk 682x1024 Obsessed

 I just may have to get one or two more to move around the house.  I wouldn’t want this guy to get lonely…

Brass animals?  What do you think?

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6 Responses to Obsessed

  1. Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door January 27, 2013 at 1:55 pm #

    I think yes. I actually just saw two camels similar to that in an antique store this weekend. If it makes you feel any better, I have LONG lists of fabrics that I spend hours searching for that I have no where to put and will never buy. :)

    • Lane McNab January 29, 2013 at 10:55 pm #

      Me too Elizabeth! Fabric is another weakness…

  2. Mary January 27, 2013 at 5:45 pm #

    I found 2 little brass deer at a local antique store just before Christmas. They looked so cute on my mantel during the Holidays. But I thought they might look strange sitting out year round. So I packed them up with the rest of my Holiday stuff.

    • Lane McNab January 29, 2013 at 10:54 pm #

      What a cute idea Mary! I’ll have to remember that next Christmas.

  3. The Vintique Object February 4, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

    Awesome, just awesome. I’d like a little brass dude to put on a stack of coffee table books. I’d like that bull (who knew about the 80′s bull obsession) to put on top of the stack of books I’m looking at now which belong to you! Another enticement to come over tomorrow… :)

    I just ordered a brass door knocker (after Steve’s post) in the shape of a whale’s tail. It hasn’t come yet, but I’m dying to put it up!

  4. kyle October 9, 2013 at 12:45 pm #

    I have the same brass steer skull just with more bone detail carvied.I’m selling if interestef

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