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Dresser Turned Buffet

 Dresser Turned Buffet

Here are some shots of a buffet I did for a client recently.  My client took some before shots but I couldn’t wait to get those before I posted the finished product. 

IMG 0655 Dresser Turned Buffet

IMG 0654 Dresser Turned Buffet

The two of us went shopping for just the right piece for her dining room and as a last resort went to some salvage yards to see what we could find.  We discovered this great vintage dresser in pretty good condition with the original hardware and we decided that with a little paint treatment to make it a bit less formal, it would be the perfect buffet.

 Dresser Turned Buffet

After stripping the whole piece, I used Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray for the outer color and Linen White for the sub color.  Then I did some light distressing and waxed it with a tinted wax for a more antiqued effect.  I left the top unpainted for a butcher block look which I love for pieces that will be used in a dining room or kitchen, and just finished it with the tinted wax. 

 Dresser Turned Buffet
 Dresser Turned Buffet

My client was really happy with it and it does look so nice in her already lovely home.  Thanks for checking it out!

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Entryway Paint 2

IMG 0632 Entryway Paint 2

 Here’s an update for the entryway paint.  It’s definitely taking a while trying to do it when the baby naps and the boys are at school but it’s coming along… 

IMG 0634 Entryway Paint 2

 I love the way the paint has changed the light in here and brings out the floors more.  Below is the before shot again.

beforestairs Entryway Paint 2

And one last after:

IMG 0633 Entryway Paint 2

Thanks for stopping by!

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Contemporary Design in an Antique Home

186311 0 8 8991 eclectic living room Contemporary Design in an Antique Home

Although my design taste tends to gravitate to the vintage/contemporary-country style, I really love so many things about modern design.  And although I agree with the idea that interior design should be authentic to a house and its surroundings, that can be pretty broadly interpreted.  I don’t think that Craftsmen should have only Stickley furniture or Victorians should have dark colors and ornate detailing.  I do feel, however, that respect should be paid to the home and its journey and the interior shouldn’t pretend to be something the home is not.  That’s why I love this updated Brooklyn brownstone by Neuhaus Design Architecture.

186348 0 8 8880  dining room Contemporary Design in an Antique Home

186318 0 8 7048 eclectic living room Contemporary Design in an Antique Home

While many architectural features were restored, some were too damaged to be saved.  The floors are made with new wood but are inspired by original parquet tiles discovered under layers of asbestos and carpeting–Gorgeous!

186321 0 8 7237 eclectic staircase Contemporary Design in an Antique Home

Although the home was built in 1887, it has had quite an urban journey and the clean slate approach freed the designer (owner, Jessica Warren) to make some very bold choices.  I particularly love this staircase.

186320 0 8 7235 eclectic staircase Contemporary Design in an Antique Home

You would never know by looking at this picture but this staircase leads to a basement–look at all that natural light!

To see more pictures of this gorgeous 10K square foot reno check out this Houzz ideabook.

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McCoy Pottery

IMG 0592 McCoy PotteryIMG 0590 McCoy Pottery

I’ve been dying to do a post on this McCoy pottery collection my MIL gave to me a couple of weeks ago.  She had been collecting it for years but found she had no place for it in her home and I was the lucky beneficiary!  Although there are many more pieces than this, I decided to post about the little flower pots that I put in Becky’s room (because they are the ones I was able to arrange first).  Their size and color is just perfect for a little girl’s room.  Notice the little pink one on top of the shelf…

IMG 0591 McCoy Pottery

Nelson McCoy pottery was started in 1910 in Ohio as a maker of utilitarian stoneware pieces and reached its peak in the 30′s and 40′s making decorative pieces like these.  Originally unmarked, pieces made in the 30′s and after display the McCoy pottery marking.  The company was closed in the early 1990s.  Today certain pieces are highly collectible but many smaller pieces can be found at very affordable prices.  I’ll post about the rest of the collection soon.  Thanks for stopping in!

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Entryway–New Paint!

IMG 0596 Entryway  New Paint!

I think I referenced the fact that I was repainting our entryway in a previous post and wanted to follow up.  Above is just a tease–I still have a lot of painting  and other things to do–but I wanted to show how it’s coming along.  Below is the before shot…

IMG 0152 Entryway  New Paint!

Before it was a dark, flat, yellow and all the light in our north facing house was completely absorbed. 

IMG 0506 Entryway  New Paint!

Also, there was a dirty trail of fingerprints up and down the stairs from the boys.  With flat paint, all I could do to clean it was re paint it.  Instead I chose a semi-gloss, Benjamin Moore’s Winter White.  It has just a hint of blue.  The gloss bounces light around and is so easy to clean.  A friend said it looks like the chalk of the Wiltshire Horses so I am thinking of it as Wiltshire White…

IMG 0595 Entryway  New Paint!

I have a lot of painting left to do but I’m getting closer–thanks for checking in!

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Antiques Faire Find

 Antiques Faire Find

 Antiques Faire Find

 Antiques Faire Find

IMG 0584 Antiques Faire Find

I found this adorable little antique, French cabinet at the flea market last weekend.  It was perfect for our master bath vanity and now I don’t have to look at a messy counter top anymore.  I love the patina on it.  I found some other great items last weekend too.  More on those later…

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The Last of the Summer Harvest

 The Last of the Summer Harvest

This is one of our last little crops from our little vegetable garden.  We actually ate the pepper and tomatoes tonight on a pizza and will have the green beans tomorrow.  We still have brussel sprouts and strawberries but that’s it!  Not sure if I have the energy or time to do fall plantings this year.  Maybe a few…

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Fall Is In The Air

parlor cabinet HTOURS1005 de Fall Is In The Air

Well, it’s actually an Indian summer around here but I’m feeling the pull towards the autumn colors today.  I loved the pictures from Country Living of the Connecticut home of children’s book author Mark Kimball Moulton.

Hallway upstairs dresser HTOURS1005 de Fall Is In The Air

Although I am definitely really into a white phase right now, I love the warmth and coziness of this fall palette–it really says countryside to me.
Bedroom dresser bed HTOURS1005 de Fall Is In The Air
And what is really making it for me is the colorful trim.  Doesn’t a colored trim look so much more designed than the standard white?  I haven’t had the courage to start tackling painting my trim yet but I’m sure I will one of these days…
Wood stove dog HTOURS1005 de Fall Is In The Air
Speaking of painting, I have started repainting my entryway and stairwell.  I took some before pics but won’t post them until I finish the whole job.  As soon as I get the boys school schedules settled and some regular help with the baby, I will get back to regular posting–September has already been a whirlwind.  Plus I have some client installations and furniture transformations to photograph and share so keep checking in!
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